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Street Food

The street food scene may not be as organized or hip as other cities, but it is delicious and accessible none-the-less. Near parks and the water front, you'll frequently run into small operations selling their grilled wares. Most street food consists of a kind of grilled meat sandwiched between two mediocre pieces of pan (bread). But do not let the quality of the bread fool you, that is not meant to be the start of the show. The slow cooked sausage, pork, or beef is where your attention should be focused at.

Go to Parrilla de Freddy next to San Telmo market. Located beside the San Telmo market entrance on Humberto Primo street.


The most simple of the street foods, packs a delicious one-two punch of flavor and texture. The choripan is the combination of the chorizo and the pan (literally sausage + bread).

A sausage is slowly cooked over low heat until a hungry customer comes along (and if you weren't hungry, you are now). Once paid, the griller butterflies the sausage, and proceeds to grill each side over high heat, giving it a crispy char on both sides. The sausage is dispensed between bread and you have the option to add the homemade chimmichurry sauce.

Then, you enjoy, and contemplate how many more choripans you can order and eat in sequence.

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