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Café Culture

The people of Buenos Aires, porteños, love their caffeine. This may be because the population loves their late nights and the caffeine bump keeps them productive throughout the day.

Nevertheless, there is no shortage of cafés from which to get your morning meal of medialunas and café con leche. The medialuna (half-moon) might easily be confused as a small croissant, but the addition of a sweet glaze might upset the croissant purists.


Lattente is a great spot to start the day off right. Settled on Thames in Palermo Soho, Lattente offers a small café with a range of coffee and espresso drinks. The staff speaks several languages, and are incredibly friendly and helpful.

You won't find any laptops here though, the café does not have wifi, and encourages conversation or reading.

Lattente also prides itself on it's education programs. There is an espresso class offered once a week if you've always wanted to learn what it is like behind the counter. The class won't get you to be a barista (that takes a lot more practice), but gives you a taste (work and coffee) of the barista life. Lattente has also worked with other cafés in Buenos Aires, which is a great list to reference for your neighborhood.


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Coffee Town

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